Tommaso Motti, hailing from Genoa, Italy, is pushing the boundaries of high-end streetwear with his avant-garde label, TMMT.

Motti’s fashion journey began four years ago when he moved to Milan to pursue his passion. After attending a 6-month fashion course, he spent the subsequent years honing his craft, often secluded at home, perfecting his unique style.

Instead of your typical t-shirts and hoodies, TMMT focuses on unique 1-of-1 creations. One of the standout pieces, the reversible Chain Puffer, features a complex structure, crafted with a puffy chain link system, turning it into a work of art rather than just a piece of clothing. Another head-turner is the full yeti outfit, comprised of a layered fur jacket and pant, with the belt and pockets made of black leather.

The designs from the latest TMMT collection are meant to evoke a sense of emptiness, as if an extraterrestrial accidently stumbled upon an unknown planet, questioning, “Is there anybody out there?” The alien-like designs are meant to convey this feeling of loneliness often felt by outsiders and misfits and is an invitation to think about how society ostracizes those that break from the norm. Motti hopes that his pieces make the wearer and the observer feel like it is okay to be different and opens society up to be more inclusive.

“My inspiration comes from space. I usually say that I bring ideas from the air, from the ether,” says Motti. “To me, the fits that I create represent some kind of alien gods from another planet. Most of the pieces are not meant to be commercial and the purpose is only to communicate a message and a vision that would be difficult to develop otherwise.”

You can check out some of Tommaso Motti’s work below, as well as on the TMMT website. You can also follow Motti’s Instagram for future updates on the brand.