Sean Wotherspoon & BAPE Launch “Hidden Gems” Collection


Sean Wotherspoon and BAPE have teamed up to release a collaborative collection titled “Hidden Gems.” The collection merges the Round Two founder’s creative ideas with styles from throughout the Japanese streetwear brand’s history.

“There are details from the past, details from the present, and details you might not notice until you spend some time with these pieces in person,” says Sean Wotherspoon. “I mixed my favorite vintage styles and techniques with my favorite eras of Bape to give you the best of both worlds.”

Apparel in the collection includes:

  • Denim jacket and jeans with hickory stripe panels
  • Checkered flannel shirt with embroidered details
  • 4-Way Crewnecks that can be worn forward, backward, and inside out
  • Reversible tees featuring the COLLEGE and TWO FACE logos
  • Short Sleeve Sweat Tee in navy and green

Seen throughout the collection is a custom SW BAPE CAMO print, a botanical twist on the iconic BAPE ABC CAMO.

Aside from apparel, the collection also includes collectible accessories such as a ball cushion, a hemp bracelets, a BABY MILO plush doll, and a rubber band ball with a mini BABY MILO figure inside.

The Sean Wotherspoon x BAPE collection drops Saturday, May 11th at A BATHING APE stores,, and Grab a preview below.

Sean Wotherspoon x BAPE “Hidden Gems” Collection
Release Date: May 11, 2024
Resell: StockX

Photos via BAPE:

Photos via Sean Wotherspoon:


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