Hypland Reveals Street Fighter Collaboration


When it comes to combining fashion with anime and gaming culture, there really aren’t any streetwear brands doing it with as much success as Hypland. Following the launch of their Gundam collab last month, Jordan Bentley and company are now releasing a collection in partnership with the iconic Street Fighter video game series.

The collection features a wide range of classic fighters from the franchise: from Ryu and Ken, to Chun Li and Cammy, to Dhalsim and Blanka. Some of the pieces even feature the controller inputs for the chacterers’ signature moves.

The graphics primarily revolve around Street Fighter II, and for good reason. It’s by far the most popular entry in the Street Fighter series and one of the highest-grossing video games of all time. However, the collection also includes an “Alex” knit sweater, featuring a fighter that wasn’t introduced until Street Fighter III.

Besides the usual streetwear staples of graphic tees and hoodies, the collection also includes three knit sweaters — one featuring Ryu, another one for Akuma, and the aforementioned Alex iteration. Hypland also recreated Dee Jay’s “MAXIMUM” pants and made their own version of Sagat’s muay thai shorts. Other muay thai shorts in the collection feature graphics of stages from Street Fighter II, including Guile’s Air Force base and the “Destroy Car” bonus stage.

Last but not least, the collection includes two character rugs, one for Ryu and another for Chun Li.

Hypland x Street Fighter drops Saturday, April 20th at 9am PT on hypland.com. Check out the full lookbook below.


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