Nike & WNBA Launch 2024 Rebel Edition Jerseys


Following an exciting women’s NCAA championship and WNBA draft, Nike has rolled out new Rebel Edition jerseys for six teams of the upcoming 2024 WNBA season.

The Chicago Sky, Seattle Storm, Connecticut Sun, Las Vegas Aces, Los Angeles Sparks, and Phoenix Mercury are all getting new jersey designs as part of the Rebel Edition program. Similar to the NBA’s City Edition program, the annual WNBA Rebel Edition jerseys draw inspiration from each team’s unique history and culture.

This year’s Rebel Edition jerseys were designed with a mission to “Trace the Lineage,” acknowledging important moments, muses and movements in each team’s history and the impact they’ve made on the game.

The 2024 WNBA Rebel Edition jerseys are available starting today, April 18th, via, the teams’ webstores, and select retailers. Check out all six designs below.

Chicago Sky

The Sky’s newest Rebel Edition uniform exemplifies and illustrates the team’s limitless potential for excellence. The dreamy, light blue colored uniform features silver piping and a white gradient throughout that conjures images of a sky and all the infinite possibilities beyond. This uniform illustrates what can happen when you combine excellence, collaboration, with the great city of Chicago.

The team’s wordmark “Skytown” is a playful spin and ode to the city’s popular nickname, “Chi Town.” The Sky’s global logo also sits proudly on the belt buckle.  

The four stars down the sides of the shorts — and one at the center of the wordmark — are inspired by Chicago’s flag and reflect how this team shines within the city. The four stars on Chicago’s flag represent four major events that helped shape the city’s history to what it is today: Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933-34.  

Seattle Storm

As a team with a strong history of winning and empowering women, the Seattle Storm has always been a force of nature — both on the court and off — and its 2024 WNBA Nike Rebel Edition uniform is a true reflection of that fact. Lightning bolts take center stage on the uniform’s design, with two big, bold neon green bolts going down the side panels and one incorporated into the logo on the short patch. The electrified font on the new “Storm” wordmark and “Seattle” belt buckle were also inspired by the weather in the Pacific Northwest and the energy this team brings to everything it does.

Connecticut Sun

The Connecticut Sun’s newest Rebel Edition uniform celebrates the rich traditions of the team and the Mohegan Tribe, inspired by generational stories of the past, present and future. The uniform was intricately designed in collaboration with the Mohegan Tribe, with the jersey’s “KEESUSK” wordmark meaning “sun” in the Mohegan language serving as a connection to the team’s original Rebel Edition jersey that was released in 2021.

Several elements of the uniform serve as symbols and homages to Mohegan culture and history:

The purple and white graphic along the neck is modeled after the traditional Wampum collar. Wampum, a quahog or whelk shell found in the ocean and on Tribal shorelines, has been used for centuries by Tribal nations to show honor, connection and relationships between nations. Outside of being gifted by itself, Wampum is often used to make necklaces and belts.

The repeating purple waistband pattern is another nod to the Wampum — the purple symbol acknowledging the four dome directions in Mohegan Tribal culture. The four colors, in the order of red (signifying the east), yellow (signifying the south), black (signifying the west) and white (signifying the north), are intentionally placed on the side of the uniform to tie back to the regalia worn by members of the Tribe. The colors also represent connections, youth, family, patience, compassion, new beginnings, healing, balance, wisdom and knowledge, among other Tribal teachings.

The “Trail of Life” pattern around the arms and inside the side panels expresses the Mohegan belief that, “We walk as a single spirit on the Trail of Life. We are guided by thirteen generations past and responsible for thirteen generations to come.” Within the “Trail of Life,” the dots signify the people along one’s journey, and the wavy lines connote the hills of Connecticut and the ups and downs in life.

The detailed lines on the side panels are symbolic of the shape of the traditional Medicine Woman’s belt, and the clear silicone turtle shell print on the number sets is a nod to Grandfather Turtle, “upon whom the Earth was formed.”

And lastly, the two diamond shapes represent the Sun as well as the Orlando Miracle, which the Mohegan tribe purchased in 2003 and rebranded as the Connecticut Sun.

Las Vegas Aces

With the Aces attempting to become the first WNBA team to three-peat since the Houston Comets (1997-2000), their Rebel Edition uniforms are championship red—a color that runs deep throughout the team’s culture and DNA. Red represents energy, strength, passion and action—all core parts of the Aces winning identity.

Los Angeles Sparks

The Los Angeles Sparks Rebel Edition uniform pays homage to the team’s status as an original WNBA franchise, alongside the team’s game-changing history.

his show-stopping yellow uniform pulls in design elements from the Sparks’ 1999 uniform and the team’s original arena, The Forum, including the swooping architectural lines down the side panels and the classic font used for the Los Angeles wordmark.

A speckled pattern along the side panels serves as a reminder of the wins, representing the confetti-covered court after each of the Sparks’ three WNBA championships.

The palm logo on the shorts patch and belt buckle were inspired by the team’s court graphics, and pops of purple and teal converge the past with a nod to the future.

Phoenix Mercury

The Phoenix Mercury Rebel Edition jersey celebrates the rich history of Valley basketball and the Mercury’s passionate and loyal fan base. The Mercury will also debut a matching Rebel court, becoming the first WNBA team to introduce an alternate court that will be used throughout an entire season.

The new Rebel Edition uniform features a pixelated sunset gradient along the side panels of the jersey and shorts, across the base of the shorts and on the trim of the collar, paying homage to Arizona’s signature vibrant skies.

Like the original Rebel Edition iteration, the 2024 Rebel Edition jersey features a large “PHX” script across the chest – a mark introduced by Nike in 2021 for the Mercury – with the X highlighted in orange, proudly celebrating the X-Factor, the most avid fan base in the WNBA.

The 2024 Rebel Edition uniform celebrates the most popular uniform in Arizona sports history, the Suns’ “Valley” jersey. The uniform’s incorporation of the distinctive sunrise/sunset gradient on a black chassis is just one more link between the two franchises and their 28-year history together.


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