Crenshaw Skate Club “Skaters of One Nation” (S.O.O.N.) Collection


After dropping its collaboration with the LA Chargers last month, South Central’s own Crenshaw Skate Club is back with a new collection titled “Skaters of One Nation” (S.O.O.N.).

“This collection embodies and draws inspiration from the sense of brotherhood that lies within the core of skateboarding,” says Tobey McIntosh, founder of Crenshaw Skate Club. “Those who you go out and skate with become your brothers, and you move as a tribe. I remember early memories of my friend getting $10 from his mom, and instead of spending it all on himself, all 5 of us would find something in the store that was $2 so that we could all get something. The term ‘Skaters of One Nation’ takes this feeling amongst a small group of skaters and expands it to all skaters. Even though skaters can be from different parts of the world, have different styles, or different backgrounds, we all share one thing in common … the love for skateboarding. A skater can go any place in the world and then see someone with a skateboard and feel an immediate connection since you are both a part of this nation of skateboarders.”

The collection features streetwear staples such as graphic tees and hoodies, as well as a selection of cut-and-sew items created in partnership with Browns that were debuted at CSC’s London Fashion Week event this past June. One highlight is the zip-up work jacket and pant that features a flip of the iconic Crenshaw Square sign, the same sign that was the inspiration for the brand’s SB Dunk Low collab. Speaking of the Dunks, there is also a hooded jacket in the collection dyed in red and green hues that perfectly matches the oxidized-inspired color palette of the kicks.

The Crenshaw Skate Club “Skaters of One Nation” collection drops November 4th at 11am PST on the Crenshaw Skate Club website. Check out the lookbook images below.


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