Stray Rats x Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 Collection


Miami-based streetwear brand Stray Rats is back with a third installment in its collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Following the release of collections 1 and 2 in 2021, Julian Consuegra and his team are back with more apparel based on the iconic SEGA video game series. This time around, the offering features various graphic tees, zip-up and pullover hoodies, a beanie, Ratgirl baby tees, and beanies. There are also some dope accessories, including posters, keychains, and a sticker pack.

The collection primarily focuses on Sonic himself and the adorable Chao, though other characters like Shadow the Hedgehog and Big the Cat make appearances as well. There is also a tee created in collaboration with Happy99, the digital streetwear brand founded by Nathalie Nguyen and Dominic Lopez. The tee features a 3D-rendered Sonic and Tails graphic and the address of the Happy99 store in NYC, where the collection was first released.

Following the launch at the Happy99 pop-up, the Stray Rats x Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 collection is now available on the Stray Rats website. Check out the lookbook below.


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