Louis De Guzman x N.E.R.D “Explorers Club” Collection


Louis De Guzman has been making big waves in streetwear circles these past few years. You may know the Filipin0-American visual artist from his popular Bart Simpson vinyl figures or from his New Balance and BAPE collabs. His next project is a collection of apparel and home goods created in collaboration with and in honor of the iconic music trio known as N.E.R.D.

Pharrell Williams. Chad Hugo. Shay Haley. Three musically-gifted individuals from Virginia took the world by storm throughout the 2000s with hits like “Rock Star,” “She Wants to Move,” and “Everyone Nose.” These anthems were instrumental to De Guzman’s upbringing. “N.E.R.D was the momentum of my youth,” says De Guzman. “The soundtrack and conscience of everyday life in being accepted and understood from afar. Making others and myself feel confident enough to go against the norm and to of course be ourselves through the process.”

With this collection, De Guzman invites you to the “Explorers Club,” a social group for those who are curious about the world and their place within it. The N.E.R.D brain-slash-lightbulb logo is featured prominently across the pieces, though it has been reinterpreted through LDG’s signature “geometric abstraction” style. Apparel offerings include tees and an embroidered jacket, while accessories include trucker hats, socks, posters, a rug, and a neon wall clock.

The “Explorers Club” collection is the latest entry in Louis De Guzman’s ongoing Along The Way series. This body of work serves as a reminder that it’s okay to figure things out “along the way” as there is excitement that comes with venturing into the unknown. The principles of imagination, curiosity, and discovery are at the center of the Along The Way universe.

The Louis De Guzman x N.E.R.D “Explorers Club” collection drops this Friday,  September 15th at 12pm CT on nerdarmy.store. Check out the lookbook photos below.


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