adidas Launches 49 Footwear Designs For 2024 Olympics


adidas has unveiled a massive multi-sport footwear collection ahead of this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

The collection includes 49 different models for athletes across 41 different disciplines, from long-standing sports such as running, tennis and basketball, to the Olympics’ latest addition of breakdancing. Over 20 of these models will be worn by athletes competing for gold this summer.

Every pair in the collection comes in a black color scheme, serving as a contrasting base for the white Three Stripes branding. Bold pink and orange accents represent the fire of the Olympic torch and the fire inside each athlete that drives them to strive for excellence.

Ben Herath, adidas Vice President of Design, Specialist Sports, explains:

“adidas’ legacy on the global stage has burned bright for over 96 years – beginning with that first performance shoe crafted by our founder in 1924, we’ve consistently delivered tools for the athlete looking to make their mark on history. Performing on this stage, requires something more than raw talent, trained technique and kit, it requires passion.

After working closely with our athletes, we know that the fire ignited within, can power them to the podium. Through this collection, we’ve bound together that intrinsic desire and unwavering commitment to be the best on the global stage, via a design that represents their passion – a flame that burns bright in each of them.”

Making its debut in this collection is the Adizero Prime SP 3 Strung, an update from the Prime SP series made for 100m with energy return and maximum stiffness. Its Strung upper was coded thread by thread for precise use of material, providing a seamless, lightweight cocoon around the runners foot for ultimate comfort and support.

Other styles in the collection include the Adios Pro 3 for Marathon Running, adidas Barricade for Tennis, and a new signature basketball model for Derrick Rose.

Styles from the adidas 2024 athlete pack are available now at select retail stores and online at Peruse through the different models below.

Adizero Adios Pro (Running Track & Field)

Adizero Ambition (Running Track & Field)

Adizero Avanti (Running Track & Field)

Adizero LJ (Long Jump)

Adizero TJPV (Triple Jump/Pole Vault)

Adizero Prime (Running Track & Field)

Adizero Throws (Throwing)

Adizero Finesse (Running Track & Field)

Adizero HJ (High Jump)

Adizero Javelin (Running Track & Field)

Box Hog 4 (Boxing)

Speedex Ultra (Boxing)

Adipower Hockey (Field Hockey)

Hockey Youngstar (Field Hockey)

Fabela Rise (Field Hockey)

Fabela X Empower (Field Hockey)

Hockey Lux (Field Hockey)

Flex Cloud (Field Hockey)

Adizero RS15 PRO-SG (Rugby)

Adizero RS15 PRO-FG (Rugby)

Power Lift (Weightlifting)

Adipower Weightlifting 3 (Weightlifting)

Adizero Wrestling (Wrestling)

Barricade CL (Tennis)

Avacourt 2 CL (Tennis)

Adizero Cybersonic CL (Tennis)

Adizero Ubersonic 4.1 CL (Tennis)

Adizero Select 2.0 (Basketball)

Crazyflight (Handball Volleyball)

Stabil (Handball Volleyball)

Crazyflight Mid (Handball Volleyball)

Tour360 24 BOA (Golf)

Superstar ADV (Skateboarding)

Nora (Skateboarding)

COPA Premiere (Skateboarding)

Tyshawn (Skateboarding)

Adizero Throwstar (Throwing)

Adizero Takumi Sen 10 (Running)

Adizero Adios 8 (Running)

Adizero SL 2 (Running)

Adizero Boston 12 (Running)

Adizero Prime X2 Strung (Road Running)

DRose (Basketball)

Adizero XCS (Cross Country)


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