Supreme’s 30th Anniversary Tee Explained


In addition to the t-shirt archive book set, Supreme will also be releasing a special tee to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary.

Dubbed the First Tee, this commemorative t-shirt features a printed graphic of the first-ever Supreme tee, the Taxi Driver Tee. This tee was the first piece of apparel that Supreme ever made, featuring a graphic of Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle from the 1976 film.

When Supreme first made this design in 1994, they kept one tee in the backroom of their Lafayette Street location for pro skaters, artists, staff, and other notable members of the community to sign. This would lead to over 100 signatures covering the entire t-shirt. There are even signatures from skaters that are no longer with us, such as Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Keenan Milton, and Keith Hufnagel.

This signed version of the Taxi Driver Tee is what appears on the 30th Anniversary tee. While the original Taxi Driver Tee captured the essence of NYC through an iconic film reference, the First Tee captures the essence of ’90s NYC street culture and the camaraderie of the era.

The Supreme 30th Anniversary First Tee will release in multiple colorways on Thursday, April 25th on the Supreme website and at Supreme locations.

Original signed Taxi Driver tee from 1994:


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