We’re gonna keep diversifying your “Game Of Thrones” bonds this week, because here at Modern Notoriety Financial we’re all about the kids of Westeros!

Yesterday we covered the grey based House Stark UltraBOOSTs with our interpretations of each Stark family member (read it here), so let’s keep the good times rolling with House Targaryen!!

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Unlike any other installment in the GoT x adidas collection House Targaryen features two different UltraBOOSTs – one for the mother of dragons and her family, and a second inspired by her house’s famous dragons.

Khaleesi’s (aka Daenerys Targaryen) offering comes in a soft off white and silver color scheme that speaks to her outwardly soft and beautiful appearance (don’t get it twisted though, she’s an army backed badass that shouldn’t be crossed). On the flip side, her dragons’ UltraBOOST deliver a much more menacing vibe. Hues of scarlet red across the toe box gradually creep up the tongue like a raging fire. Black tooling throughout the reminder of the shoe gives the Targaryen Dragons a hot look… literally. The heel tag of both shoes features the house’s motto “Fire and Blood” too.

House Targaryen via Sneaker News

Release Date: March 22, 2019
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Targaryen Dragons via SneakerNews

Release Date: March 22, 2019
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Since there’s six different “Game Of Thrones” adidas UltraBOOSTs releasing later this month we’re going to be delivering committed coverage to each GoT squad – stay tuned for each and every one!

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House Targaryen

Fire and blood

Note, there will be spoilers if you’ve been under a rock for the last eight years. So log-in to your ex’s HBOGO account and put in work!

Pinning the Targaryens to a side like “bad” or “good” isn’t really possibly, and that’s what makes them so compelling. In the show’s lure aka the events before Season 1 Rhaegar Targaryen (brother to our homegirl Daenerys) was first in line to rule the Seven Kingdoms after his merciless father, Aerys. Since Season 1 we’ve been following his house’s journey to reclaim the Iron Throne. Lets take a little refresher course on what the dragon folk have been up to…

Aerys Targaryen

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Role: Maniac Dad
Status: King Slay-ed (Pre-Season 1)
No sugar coating it here folks, Aerys was a royal prick… Come on, like, how else do you describe someone known as The Mad King? This guy right here murdered countless people and ruled using heavy doses of fear… and fire. Aerys kept a stash of Wild Fire under his kingdom so he could burn up everyone if crossed – MAD! Many credit his mental instability to inbreeding practices the Targaryens were known to partake in to keep their bloodlines pure… eww bro, eww. One of his Kingsguard, Jamie Lannister, would go on to do us all a favor and murder King Aerys before the start of Season 1 and earn the title “King Slayer”. Good riddance, playa.


Rhaegar Targaryen

via HBO

Role: Prince/Eldest Son, Party Starter
Status: Dead… Like, forever ago
Rhaegar should have really thought about his approach to women more carefully; it’s not a good look when everyone thinks you kidnapped your girl when in reality y’all was in looooove. Maybe it’s revisionists made-up history but Bobby Baratheon wasn’t too stoked on Rhae J taking away Lyanna Stark (aka Ned Stark’s sister… it gets twisted like spaghetti) so Bobby B. killed Rhaegar and took the throne for himself in what was later dubbed “Roberts Rebellion”. The war between House Baratheon and House Targaryen set the events of “Game Of Thrones” into action, and even though he’s dead long before episode 1 Rhaegar is one of the most important characters in all the land.


Viserys Targaryen

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Role: Middle Child
Status: Melted
Drogo, Viserys’s sister’s baby daddy redefined the term ‘golden shower’ when he poured molten gold all over this creeeepy, abuse weasel’s head (we’re not hating he’s written to be unsavory. All love to actor Harry Lloyd). Viserys is like that one broke jabroni asking for $20 with a Gucci belt on… In Viserys defense his mamma died giving birth to his sister and his dad was The Mad King so, yeah, rough start to life. Once Robert Baratheon assumed power Viserys was forced into exile and known as The Beggar King because he’d give up anything he had for power, even his sister.

Daenerys Targaryen

via HBO

Role: Queen-To-Be
Status: A Real One
We said earlier it’s hard to pin the Targaryens as good or bad, but we should have clarified that for the most part all the dudes are bad, but the ladies of House Targaryen are legit. This strong woman went from royalty to poverty and back again, overcame countless abusers and kills for a cause… freedom! Daenerys has a lot going for her:

  • She has a committed and loyal army of former warrior slaves (that she freed)
  • She will threaten you (and execute said threats if need be) with a smile on her face
  • She has 3 2 dragons, friggin’ dragons

She’s the most qualified candidate to rule the Seven Kingdoms if you ask us, and no one has ridden a dragon quite like Kelis since Mario saddled up Yoshi lol.


BONUS, Dragons!!

  • Drogon – Named after Daenerys’s dead husband
  • Rhaegal – named after her dead brother
  • Viserion – named after her other dead brother