Daniel Arsham & Pokémon Release “A Ripple in Time” Episode


New York-based artist Daniel Arsham and Pokémon have released an animated short film to go along with their “A Ripple in Time” exhibition on display in Japan.

The animated episode was created in partnership with Kunihiko Yuyama, the director of the Pokémon film series. All animation was hand drawn and was produced over a period of about two years. The episode opens with a stadium battle between Ash and his Pikachu against Arsham and his Cubone. The battle gets interrupted when an onlooking Celebi gets hit with a combination of Cubone’s Swift attack and Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, causing Celebi to transport Ash and Pikachu through time. Ash and Pikachu then chase Celebi through the Future Forest among Arsham’s Crystalized Pokémon statues.

A “To Be Continued” screen appears at the end of the episode, so expect a second part to launch in the near future. Check out the first Pokémon x Daniel Arsham “A Ripple In Time” episode above.


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