Bronze Charizard Joins Daniel Arsham’s Crystalized Pokémon Series


In 2020, Daniel Arsham announced a collaborative partnership with Pokémon dubbed “Relics of Kanto Through Time” which saw the New York-based artist reimagine characters from the anime franchise as if they were fossilized relics unearthed after 1,000 years. The project has included a Uniqlo UT collection, an animated Pokémon short, and gallery exhibitions in Japan.

As part of this partnership, Arsham has also created limited edition sculptures of Pokémon in his signature eroded/crystalized style. Charmander, Squirtle, a Mew Card, and more have been released as part of this series, with the next installment set to release this week: Bronze Crystalized Charizard.

The Bronze Charizard sculpture is made of cast bronze hand-finished with a custom black oil patina. The piece measures 31 centimeters tall, weighs 10 kilograms, and comes in a custom wooden crate. Limited to 99 units, each edition comes with a pair of art handling gloves and a 3D-embossed, metallic-foiled Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed and numbered by Daniel Arsham himself.

Daniel Arsham’s Bronze Eroded Charizard drops this Friday, November 4th at 12pm ET on the Arsham Editions website. Check out the sculpture below.


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