Carrots & Arvin Goods Drop Apparel Accessories Collection


Anwar Carrots has grown something new with Seattle-based brand Arvin Goods.

Founded in 2009, Arvin Goods is an apparel accessories company that produces all of its products with sustainable materials. By using discarded fabric scraps and recycled fibers, Arvin Goods offers a wide selection of soft, responsibly-made socks. One pair of socks made by Arvin Goods saves over 296 gallons of fresh water, and no harmful chemicals or dyes are added. Their dedication to responsible manufacturing has earned them Amazon’s Climate Pledge Certified badge, meaning the product is made with 50% or more certified organic materials.

Arvin Goods has now joined forces with Los Angeles-based brand Carrots to produce a clean collection of socks and headwear. Carrots and Arvin Goods combine their creative styles as the crew socks are dressed in Carrots’ signature orange, green, black, and white colors. Beanies are also included, which are offered in orange and green.

The Carrots x Arvin Goods collection is available now on the Arvin Goods website. Check out the campaign images below.


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