Bodega has teamed up with Suicoke to release the Kaw “One of One,” a denim sandal made with personal customization in mind.

Bodega considers denim to be the ultimate canvas for wearable storytelling, as the fabric makes a perfect backdrop for patches, embroidery, accessories, and other tweaks. The denim upper of the Bodega Kaw will also naturally fade and distress over time, making each pair a true “One of One” in a sense.

To give an idea of what’s possible with the Bodega Kaw, the Boston-based retailer gave pairs out to friends and family and asked them to personalize the sandals to reflect their lives, interests, and aesthetics. Scroll below to see custom pairs by Adrienne, Tim, Julia, and Dan.

The Bodega x Suicoke Kaw “One of One” drops on Friday, September 2nd at 12pm ET online on the Bodega website. Also launching at Bodega’s Boston and Los Angeles locations. Check out the retail release photos and customized versions below.

Bodega x Suicoke Kaw “One of One”
Release Date: September 2, 2022
Price: $220 USD

Retail Release:

Adrienne, a textile artist part of Textile General Store chose to cover the upper in decorative Sashiko style stitching and a showcase of wool knit weaves, expressing her love of repairs, sewing, and texture:

Tim, the designer behind u*b*U* online went the button route draping his pair in a smattering of ornate buttons and long thread tails which perfectly displays his eye for eye popping design:

Julia is a professional artist who saw the design as an actual canvas and painted the upper and outsole in her distinctive color-charged abstract style while actually housing a few painting essentials like brushes and a tube of paint between the straps:

Dan of Holy Grail Vintage and Fragile State Market let his vintage roots shine through with an assortment of vintage pins proudly displayed and a distressed treatment which gives some insight into the potential aging of the sandals: