Virgil Abloh and Mercedes-Benz Tease “Project Geländewagen”


Multidisciplinary artist and streetwear powerhouse Virgil Abloh has announced a collaboration with legendary luxe automobile makers Mercedes-Benz.

The team-up, entitled, “Project Geländewagen,” involves a “unique artwork from the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class,” one of the most well-loved luxury SUVs on the market. Abloh worked with Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener on the partnership, and the company has stated that it sets out to “[push] the boundaries of each respective creative realm and [build] a new vision of luxury, defined by the sharing of ideas and disciplines.”

Project Geländewagen will be digitally revealed on September 8th, 2020 at 9AM Central Time. A one-of-a-kind “home scale” replica of the project will be auctioned off to support a to-be-announced charity that supports creative industries worldwide during a time of global stress. The winner of the item will have “exclusive access to the co-creators, and a personal introduction to the inspirations behind the artwork and the aspirations for it.”


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