UNIQLO is releasing its second JUJUTSU KAISEN collaboration this month. Following the recent release of the manga-themed UT collection, the fashion company now turns to the anime series for its next range of tees.

The graphics on the tees prominently feature battle scenes from the anime showcasing each characters’ sorcery powers. One of the tees features the ending song with Yuji Itadori, while another depicts Megumi Fushiguro’s Divine Dogs. Other graphics include Nobara Kugisaki and her Resonance and Satoru Gojo activating his Infinite Void domain expansion technique.

The kids offerings matches that of the adults, taking on a brighter shades on the graphics. The ensemble also includes pocketable tote bags that match the designs of the t-shirts. Fans can sport their gear while watching the anime which is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Take a closer look at the apparel below. The UNIQLO UT x JUJUTSU KAISEN Anime collection will be ready for an American release on June 24th on the UNIQLO website and in stores. Global releases will vary depending on the region.