Shueisha’s One Piece franchise makes its return to UNIQLO’s UT line, following a “One Piece Stampede” collection in 2019. The UT tee shirt line is known for its collaborations with icons such as Disney characters, visual artists, video games and other pop culture entities.

The designs in this tee collection feature a playful depiction of the “Wano Country Arc” from the One Piece manga and anime series. Monkey D. Luffy is technically the protagonist of the manga who can stretch like rubber. He has dreams of becoming a pirate, though he can’t swim, and is in search of the “One Piece” treasure. As the anime is reaching its 1000th episode, the collection itself revolves around the 20th and current season of the anime, which sees Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates strive to defeat the four emperors who rule Wano.

The six-piece One Piece x UNIQLO UT Spring/Summer 2021 collection will be available through via UNIQLO Japan on April 23rd, with a wider release expected to land on April 30th at and at Uniqlo stores worldwide.