While many brands have quickly stepped up to distribute hand sanitizer, masks, or other helpful accessories in the wake of COVID-19, it appears that Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack brand has now decided to enter the pandemic market.

Travis Scott’s website now sells Cactus Jack-branded face coverings, hand sanitizer, and a no-touch door key and bottle opener tool. The facemask is made from 100% cotton twill and features elastic ear-straps and an embroidered logo. The hand sanitizer comes in a spray bottle, is agave scented, and is labeled as “KILLS 99% OF GERMS…LA FLAME BURNS THE OTHER 1%,” a statement we can only assume has not been evaluated by medical professionals. Finally, the Safetouch key ($30) is branded with the phrase “I AIN’T TOUCHING THAT SH*T” and allows the user to open doors and bottles without making direct skin contact.

You can get your hands on the Cactus Jack Health collection from the Travis Scott webstore while supplies last.