The Timberland CONSTRUCT:10061 project is a biannual collaboration with CONCEPTKICKS, innovating traditional footwear through the experimentation of unconventional materials, shapes, and overall vision. As we as a society spend more and more time online, the Timberland CONSTRUCT:10061 project returns in Summer 2022 in partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, advancing footwear design in both the physical and virtual world.

One of the aspects of the multifaceted collaboration engages fans through Fortnite. Designers from Timberland Advanced Concepts and Energy, CONCEPTKICKS, and CONSTRUCT:10061 tapped in with BeyondCreative, a team specializing in the emerging Fortnite Creative platform, to host a design workshop entirely through a Fortnite version of Timberland’s real-world Design Lab and Maker Space. The outcome of the workshop was three Metaboots inspired by the Arctic, Desert, and Forest biomes, as well as digital replica of the iconic yellow Timberland boot. After visiting the virtual Design Lab, Fortnite players can take on challenges and obstacles in each of the biomes, unlocking special effects when they reach the Metaboots and bring the samples back to the lab. Players can access this in Fortnite Creative with the map code 4313-0063-0736.

CONSTRUCT:10061 also includes a real-life design workshop where some of the most advanced innovators across the world are assembled to rethink every step of the boot making process. Now in the fourth iteration, participants in the CONSTRUCT 4.0 Workshop included designers Ev Bravado and Téla D’Amore of Who Decides War, Jaimus Tailor of Greater Goods, Antwerp-based designer Aisha Kuijk, and more. Check out the Who Decides War x Timberland concepts below:


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Timberland also partnered with Sketchfab, a creative 3D company, to bring the Metaboots and the CONSTRUCT 4.0 designs to augmented reality (AR). The Forest Metaboot was recreated in high fidelity using Unreal Engine, while eight real-life boots designed in the physical Design Lab were scanned and paired with respective virtual biome backgrounds. These are viewable through Sketchfab.

“Timberland was built on a foundation of footwear innovation; our partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine allows us to explore new dimensions as we envision the future of bootmaking and boot culture,” says Drieke Leenknegt, chief marketing officer for Timberland. “We’ve brought the collaboration model into the metaverse by inviting innovators such as Daniel Bailey, Zixiong Wei and Aisha Kuijk to co-create Metaboots with our own ACE designers, in Fortnite. At the same time, we’re inviting consumers into the world of design innovation within an amazing Fortnite experience. The possibilities to connect in the metaverse are endless.”

The CONSTRUCT: 10061 Fortnite experience was launched at Timberland’s flagship Orefici11 store during Milan Fashion Week, where fans could check out the physical models of the boots created in the virtual design lab and participate in real time as a fifth boot was created live. Timberland also tapped streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan to announce the Fortnite collab within the gaming community.

Check out the physical Timberland CONSTRUCT 4.0 prototype boots and in-game Fortnite Metaboots below. Check out the CONCEPTKICKS blog to learn more about each of the physical workshop designs.

Physical Timberland CONSTRUCT:10061 Prototypes

Fortnite In-game Images