With 18 years in the game now, OG streetwear brand The Hundreds continues to pioneer and break ground in the space. Just today, the LA-based brand launched Adam Bomb Squad, a huge NFT project comprised of 25,000 unique combinations of various iterations of its iconic Adam Bomb logo and a background related to the brand’s 18-year history. All 25,000 of these bombs sold out in just 40 minutes.

The Hundreds also puts on for the new designers. If you saw the streetwear competition show The Hype on HBO Max, you may remember that one of the brand’s co-founders, Bobby Hundreds, was featured as the episode five special guest. Bobby ended up offering a collab to contestant Justin Mensinger after Justin presented a hoodie and tee created around the topic of mental health. Justin would go on to be crowned the winner of the first season of The Hype and the grand prize of $150,000.

To celebrate, The Hundreds and Justin Mensinger are now releasing their collaboration. Once again touching on mental health, the collection features a black tee with an Adam Bomb graphic flipped into a skull ticking away. This graphic, conceptualized by Mensinger and brought to life by tattoo artist Donatella Azygous, appears on the left chest, while the back of the tee reads “Sometimes I get trapped inside my head” written in Mensinger’s handwriting.

Mental health, which is one of the most discussed topics worldwide, has been depicted creatively with this new collection of tees. It can be a good way for people to reciprocate their feelings and emotions, especially individuals who are undergoing mental issues. Most try various medications and products like cannabis and THC (learn more here) to maintain their mental wellbeing, but somewhere they could be a little self-conscious in saying it out loud. These t-shirts, with their crazy depictions, can be an outlet for such people.

The collection also features 5 one-of-one cut and sew pieces created in the Chicago designer’s signature patchwork style using upcycled The Hundreds garments. This includes a tee with some panels treated with purple crystal wash dyeing, a hoodie that also incorporates repurposed flannel and denim, another hoodie in a black colorway, shorts, and a bucket hat.

The Hundreds x Justin Mensinger collection drops this Sunday night, August 29th at 9pm PT on thehundreds.com and The Hundreds app. Part of the proceeds will be donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Preview the collection below.