Along with the Supreme x Vans FTW Sk-8 Hi’s, Supreme’s Week 7 drop will include a collection of nine new graphic t-shirts. Each one will drop in their own range of colorways that include red, black, white, ash grey, burgundy, slate, light pink, orange, teal, and woodland camo. With so many options, we decided to make things simpler for you and rank the nine graphics from worst to best.

9) Cheese Tee

The graphic is literally a package of yellow American “cheese” slices. Cheese is in quotes because like Kraft singles and many other American cheese brands, they legally have to put “pasteurized prepared cheese product” on the packaging due to them not being made with at least 51 percent real cheese. Supreme’s graphic also includes this labeling, which is a nice touch, but it would have been cooler if Supreme would’ve put their own twist on the Queso Supremo logo instead. Shouts out to all the Mexicans that know what’s up.

8) We’re Back Tee

The small font on this tee reads “WE ARE BACK TO FUCK YOU UP!”. Quite edgy. What does that even mean? Back from where? The actual design looks like a video game health bar or UI with a picture of a ninja on it. I don’t know… maybe it’s so bad that it’s good?

7) Inc. Tee

This one is clean. A simple design with the words “Supreme Incorporated” on top, followed by “WHERE KNOWLEDGE REIGNS” underneath, and ending with a RN number in small font underneath. For those interested, “in the United States of America, a registered identification number or RN # is a number issued by the Federal Trade Commission, upon request, to a business residing in the U.S. that is engaged in the manufacture, importing, distribution, or sale of textile, wool, or fur products. Such businesses are not required to have RNs. They may, however, use the RN in place of a name on the label or tag that is required to be affixed to these products.” Neat.

6) Heroines Tee

Business in the front, party in the back. The graphic on the back is designed by Rita Ackermann, a Hungarian-born artist who moved to New York City to establish herself in the NYC art scene in the 1990s. Ackermann’s works depict the liberation of the female form and often blend horror and erotica. This particular design has received some flack from streetwear fans, some calling it the “period blood” one. I think it’s dope though.

5) Mercenary Tee

The graphic on this tee was drawn by Shane Moran from the band Title Fight. His graphic design work is well-known in the punk/hardcore scene. Not sure how he got a Supreme collab but he killed it. It’s a mercenary soldier surrounded by flames holding a big-ass gun. Pretty bad-ass.

4) Bible Tee

Supreme’s photo tees are usually a grade above their normal graphic tees. This one depicts a Supreme-branded bible being clenched in the hands of an elderly person. Are those Mother Teresa’s hands? Not sure, but it’s a sick photo. Supreme actually dropped a New Testament “bible” in 2013, but it was hollowed out and was actually a stash box. How crazy would it be if Supreme sold an actual Bible though?

 3) Pillows Tee

A colorful, simple design. Not much to say about this one, besides the fact that at first glance I thought the pillows were sushi rolls. Expect this one to sell out the quickest.

2) Life Tee

This tee features a three-panel comic by artist and skateboarder Dan Drehobl. It’s reminiscent of the stuff that Freedumb Clothing used to make, a skate brand founded by Dan in 1996 that shut down in 2002. Dan revived the brand as Freedumb Airlines in 2013, but then shut it down again in 2016. This design presents life in a humorous way: live a life of sin, the world then ends, and you end up in hell. It’s edgy but not in a bad way like the We’re Back tee.

1) American Picture Tee

From 1971 to 1978, writer and photographer Jacob Holdt hitchhiked across more than 100,000 miles of America. He then released his magnum opus, American Pictures, which contains some 700 of the photographs he took along the way. The book gained international fame for its effective photographic revelations about the hardships of America’s lower classes. This particular photo is called “The whore and white sexism,” from Holdt’s “Symbols of White Oppression” series. It depicts an African-American woman named Cynthia flipping off a billboard ad of four scantily-clad white women. Cynthia was a prostitute in Las Vegas from the south that helped Holdt find a place to stay while on his cross-country journey. The powerful imagery and backstory of this tee makes it our number one pick for this week’s drop.

Supreme’s Fall 2019 tee collection drops this Thursday, October 10 online and in NY, Brooklyn, LA, London and Paris Supreme stores. Japan will release these tees on October 12.