Superplastic x Tommy Jeans Ghost Kidz Capsule


Back in July, a group known as Ghost Kidz surprised the world of hip-hop with the release of “GOIN’ OFF” featuring Vince Staples. The duo seemingly came out of nowhere, though things got even more confusing when they made their live debut at Rolling Loud Miami shortly after. Attendees of the fest waiting to see Lil Uzi Vert were treated to a surprise stage takeover by the mysterious group.

So who are Ghost Kidz? It turns out that they are a 3D animated hip-hop duo created by Superplastic, a global entertainment brand known for creating an array of animated characters that are hugely popular on social media and across the digital landscape. Ghost Kidz are the first signees of Superplastic Records, a joint venture between the brand and Virgin Music.

Ghost Kidz are now on their third single, “Big Bag” featuring Armani Caesar. To celebrate the release, Superplastic is launching a limited edition Ghost Kidz capsule in collaboration with Tommy Jeans. Comprised of a crewneck, long-sleeve, and tee, each piece features classic Tommy branding filled with ’90s nostalgia. You can see Ghost Kidz rocking the collection in the “Big Bag” music video here.

The Ghost Kidz x Tommy Jeans collection is available now on and the NYC Superplastic store. Each piece is limited to 100 units. Check out the collection below.



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