dj-khaled-sneaker-closet-room-21_resultSneaker copping isn’t going away anytime soon and while many of us are struggling to keep our endless amount of kicks neatly stashed away, others are building out closets specially made for their collection. In the past 10 years, we’ve seen some epic closets owned by athletes and a few sneaker heads that have built them by hand. Some even keep their kicks neatly encased. Below is a list 10 insane sneaker closets we found on the internet owned by some of the biggest sneaker heads to date.

1. Chris Paul – Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul has been a Jordan Brand athlete for a long time so you can only imagine the type of build out he has. Below is a photo if 1 side of closet that has just about every heater you need to break necks.


2. Nike City 23 is an overseas collector who made his closet using glass shelving and doors. The closet was hand made specifically for his PE collection as seen below.





3. San Francisco 49Ers Colin Kaepernick keeps his collection neatly shelved with almost every Air Jordan release from the past few years.



4. DJ Khaled – A well known DJ and Sneakerhead built high shelves to store some of his grails. Some shelves even have up to three of the same pair. Khaled aslo keeps a few Sneaker Boxes in the center of the room.




5. Evian Chow – This guy has an entire room for his sneaker collection. Not closet. The PE collector showcased his sneaker room a few years back and continues to be one of the most memorable.




6. Joe Johson – When’s the last time you turned a corner to go into another area of your closet? Current Brooklyn Nets player Joe Johnson keeps his sneaker collection around the corner..literally



7. JRue Holiday uses simple shelving for his sneaker closet but it’s still one of the best we’ve seen.



8. Mayor – Plastic Bins on Plastic Bins. Mayor aka the AF1 Don or whatever you’d like to call him, stashes his kicks in plastic bins inside of a walk in closet. Ikea, Cut this man a check!


9. Ray Allen – Ray Allen is one of the original Jordan Brand members in the NBA. From endless PE’s to Air Jordan Retro’s, Ray Allen cannot be touched.


10. William Moore – Shelves on Shelves on Shelves. Moore keeps his sneaker closet filled with wooden shelves to display some of his coldest kicks.