reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator

Reebok has sought a helping hand from the Down Under thunder providers known as High & Lows. The latest booms come in the form of some Ventilators that ooze finesse.


The white, grey and tan affair sees suede and leather matched in an extremely aesthetically pleasing manner, breathing fresh life into this iconic silhouette. Complete with “HAL” branding in gold and gum outsoles, it’s truly hard to go wrong here. Do yourself a favor and cop a pair when these hit shelves November 21st.


reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator_02 reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator_03 reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator_04 reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator_05 reebok-hal-white smoke-ventilator_06