When Reebok announced the return of the OG Question Mid, many memories of a young Allen Iverson during his beginnings with the Philadelphia 76ers were brought back. With just a few weeks away from the release, many individuals who own this classic, plan on putting their OG pair away and purchasing the newer version which will be limited from what sources say. As of now, the only places that are confirmed to carry the Question Mid will be: Reebok.com, Jimmy Jazz, Villa, Shoe Palace, and Shiekh’s. Will you be purchasing this classic sneaker on May 25th?



The shoe that became as iconic as the Rookie of the Year who wore it, Reebok’s Question Mid was aptly named for a player who many questioned ahead of the 1996 draft. Yet, defying all who questioned his size and skill, 21 year-old Allen Iverson became the No. 1 pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in one of the deepest drafts.

Iverson would answer many questions the minute he stepped onto a professional basketball court. Exploding for 30 points in his first game, he continued to exceed the already high expectations during his rookie season with a dazzling display of fearless play and scoring ability. Whether he was breaking ankles with his deadly crossover or putting up 40+ points in 5 straight games, Iverson racked up a number of signature moments in the Reebok Question during his unforgettable rookie season.

Originally released in 1996, the Question would become one of the best-selling Reebok sneakers ever created and a staple of nearly every “Top Sneaker” list. The shoe featured a full-grain leather upper and a pearlized outsole. But, perhaps the most unique design detail was the honey-comb shaped Hexalite cushioning system alongside the shoe marking the first time Reebok’s technology would be blown out to the midsole. Considered the most popular model in Iverson’s signature Reebok line, the Question is a classic “must have” for sneaker collectors and basketball fans alike.