Puma x Bape 2015 Fall/Winter Sneaker Collection



bape x puma f-w collection headerBape has its hands all over the streetwear game. The brand is legendary and has done some iconic collaborations for the culture over the past twenty years. With that being said, the streetwear powerhouse is looking to extend its services to Puma.

Puma and Bape have come together to work on their fall/winter collection. With apparel taken care of,  the duo also tackled a few pairs of sneakers in the process. The four sneakers, two paris of Disc Blazes, A Blaze of Glory, and A R698, make up the pack for this new collaboration. The shoes all feature the famous Bape Camo print and logo. Black, white, and a camo colorway make up the color palette for the collection of sneakers.

The brand new collection will be releasing at Bape retailers on November 28. There will also be a wider release on December 12 through Puma retailers.

bape x puma f-w collection header_02

bape x puma f-w collection_05bape x puma f-w collection_04


bape x puma f-w collection_02 bape x puma f-w collection




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