PUMA & Upscale Vandal Launch “Hometown Heroes” Collection


Mike Camargo, aka Upscale Vandal, is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. He’s a savvy dot connector in the realms of hip-hop and streetwear and is also one of the members of “The Collective,” PUMA’s team of creatives and influencers that have shaped their respective communities. Camargo has now partnered up with PUMA for the release of the “Hometown Heroes” collection.

PUMA defines a hometown hero as someone who has paved a way in their community. A figure that has opened doors to what is possible for those growing up in their neighborhood. The idea of giving back and progressively changing the environment for success is a core part of this collaboration, paying homage to the street and art culture that Camargo is constantly surrounded by.

The “Hometown Heroes” collection is PUMA’s first limited edition headwear collection. It features three styles, each one inspired by a different decade of sport. The dad caps represents ’80s vintage cartoon fashion, the flat brim snapbacks nod to ’90s basketball fashion, while the trucker hats pay homage to the 2000s craze for extreme sports. The designs reference the Herzo Cats, a fictional team inspired by PUMA’s cat mascot and hometown of Herzogenaurach, Germany. Motivational messages appear under each of the visors, and each hat comes with pins to allow for customization and individuality. A cap carrier bag launches alongside the headwear to transport your hats safely and in style.

“There’s a saying that goes – ‘style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak’, that’s exactly what we have worked towards with the ‘Hometown Heroes’ collection,” says Mike Camargo. “When you walk outside, what’s the first thing you notice on someone? Is it their clothes? Do you make eye contact…? It’s always the hat. We only wear things that represent us. Our clothes are an extension of who we are. I grew up in Brooklyn and New York City; and my creativity is fuelled by the energy from the streets and the people that live and breathe their hometown – this collection pays tribute to that. What we wear is chosen meticulously; because when we step outside, we want you to know what we stand for!”

Camargo is joined by two fellow New York natives in the campaign video: streetwear mogul Buck$y Luchiiano and fashion icon Sober Yung Walter. The creative trio incorporate the hats into their personal styles while explaining what being a hometown hero means to them. The collection is also supported by PUMA’s own lineup of Hometown Heroes, including Brazilian football sensation Neymar Jr, U.S. football player Christian Pulisic, and Puerto Rican multi-platinum selling music artist Myke Towers.

The debut “Hometown Heroes” Collection is available now on PUMA.com and at select retailers. Expect more “Hometown Heroes” drops later this year.


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