PS What if?: Air Jordan 13 Retro “Grape”



PS What if?: Air Jordan 13 Retro “Grape” Vote After the Jump!

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  1. This is a shoe for the Little Feet People. I love the colorway, yes it has been used before but not on the 13s thou. Speaking for #TeamGS we will DEF cop! Dudes are mad cause the colorway is not for them. STFU and move on. There are a whole lot of releases that come out for yall and GS rarely gets the shoes that we want. I vote yes. If it dont happen ill live. :)

  2. Ya'll thinkin 2 small! you wouldnt wear these everyday,they would be a limited release so they would become a grail.this is my insight on these. Rock em then Stock em!

  3. ssseeee GS color way but i agree if these were black it would PROBABLY look way better but the white is most def for GS but then again that just my opinon

  4. I would rather see the sample of the Chris Paul Hornet 13 surface than these.. Not feeling them and 13s are my sh!t. Pretty good idea for a GS release as the grape color way on 13s would most likely look terrible in larger sizes


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