A couple weeks ago, it was leaked that Nike would be collaborating with the popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ on a collection of apparel. No “official” word on the collab has been made, until today. If you take a look at Nike’s SNRS page, you can see security footage of a Nike truck driving out of a parking lot with a timestamp of June 6th, 1985.

Some people have contacted Nike’s customer service regarding the footage and were provided a phone number. Call that number and you can hear an audio recording of two people discussing a missing shoe shipment from 1985 that has been located and is moving West. The man in the recording gives the woman a set of coordinates and tells her to meet him there on June 12th.

When the coordinates are entered into Google Maps it takes you to a location east of Staples Center in Los Angeles that appears to be an empty parking lot, just off the corner of Pico Street and Flower Boulevard.

While there is no explicit connection to Stranger Things, the notion of something supernatural happening suggests that the two are linked. It’s possible that the coordinates are the location of a Stranger Things x Nike Pop-up for a surprise shoe release, given that the video was posted on the SNKRS app.

If you want to hear the message yourself, you can call the number shown on the Instagram post below. Stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for updates as they develop.