In a few weeks, skateboarding will be on the global stage like never before as one the five new sport formats to be introduced in the Tokyo Olympics. Following a preview early last year, Nike SB unveils the official kits of the four federations it has partnered with for skateboarding inaugural year on the big stage.

Working alongside Dutch artist Piet Parra, Nike SB has created the kits for USA, Brazil, France, and Japan. Each features a Pantone landscape design that connects to the landscapes of their respective country.

“We started to see the natural connections between a landscape and the act of skating,” says Nike lead designer Donovan Harris. “You don’t skate in a vacuum. Everything that’s around you plays a role in drawing new lines.”

The design of each kit was also inspired by a sport linked to each country: a baseball jersey for Japan, a basketball jersey for the United States, a tennis polo for France, and a soccer kit for Brazil. Each kit also features a bird that symbolizes the spirit of each country: a crane for Japan, an eagle for USA, a rooster for France, and a toucan for Brazil.

Each of the kits are made from 100% recycled polyester and leverage Nike’s pattern efficiency principles to help eliminate waste in an embrace of the company’s “Move To Zero” philosophy. Woven alpha yarns help wick away moisture, which combined with bright yarns cut dry times in half. The materials also feature anti-cling nodes for better airflow.

The Nike SB x Parra Federation Kits release July 18th at specialty skate shops and July 20th on SNKRS and at select retailers.