Artwork by Frillz

Hey y’all. Hope everyone is keeping safe and adjusting well to the social distancing measures being implemented across the world.

As you’ve probably heard hundreds of times by now, it’s important that we all take part in social distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Leave the house only as necessary, and when out in public be sure to keep at least six feet of distance between yourself and others. Keep your hands away from your face and wash your hands regularly.

Many brands have created campaigns to help spread this info. Nike’s hashtags #playinside and #playfortheworld are a reminder to stay active, but to do so from the comfort of your own home to save lives. Nike has also made their Training Club premium subscription service free so you can stream home workout videos and get expert tips from elite Nike Master Trainers. Check it out on the NTC app.

Going on solo runs is also a great way to stay active during this time. Here in Chicago, that’s what many did after gyms closed down. Popular running routes along Lake Shore Drive and the 606 became congested, so the city ended up shutting those down.

Thankfully, there are other less crowded parks throughout the city. The one near me has a running track that is usually pretty empty, so I can get some laps in during this time. In fact, Nike recently sent me a box full of their Spring 2020 running gear, so this is a perfect time to bust it open and get some cardio in.

Read our review of Nike’s Spring 2020 running gear below and get your run in with Nike Run Club. Be safe everybody, we’ll all get through this together.

Nike Spring 2020 Gear Review

To be honest with y’all, I spend most of my time sitting at home looking at pictures of shoes, so I wouldn’t say that I’m in great shape. I’m also not much of a runner. I participated in one of Nike Chicago’s unsanctioned races last year. Finished dead last and I ended up throwing up right after. It was only a mile run. That being said, with the gear that Nike sent over, I felt well-equipped to get some more miles in. Here is the full gear list:

Nike Sportswear Tech Pack Short-Sleeve Knit Top
Nike Flex Stride Shorts
Nike Short-Sleeve 1/2 Zip Training Hoodie
Nike Tech Pack Long-Sleeve Running Top
Nike Phenom Running Pants

On a brisk 45°F afternoon, I threw on all the gear and headed to the park. To give myself an extra push, I also threw on the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, a controversial model that has been criticized for providing an “unfair advantage” to marathon runners due to its advanced tech and carbon-fiber plate that provides unmatched energy return when compared to other running shoes on the market.

Although I was wearing three layers on top, I felt comfortable for the first couple of laps since each top is lightweight and breathable. After I warmed up, I peeled of the long-sleeve top and continued the rest of my run with just the shirt and windbreaker. If it was a bit warmer out, I most likely would have also removed the pants and kept running in the shorts. I would recommend this combination of gear for running in 35°F – 60°F weather, shedding layers as necessary.

As both the hoodie and long-sleeve top are half-zips, the combination of both zippers allows ventilation options that can be customized to each wearer’s comfort level. The shorts are brief-lined, which is awesome because then you don’t have to wear underwear underneath them (I think that’s what that means). Aside from the breathability of each garment, I’m also a fan of the reflective detailing incorporated in each piece to provide visibility at night.

Grab a detailed look at my favorite pieces, the 1/2 Zip Training Hoodie and the Tech Pack Long-Sleeve, in the galleries below.