Nike has unveiled the latest installment in its City Connect Series for the 2022 MLB season. Following the reveals of the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros jerseys, the series now heads to KC with the unveiling of the Kansas City Royals City Connect jersey.

Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains and is famous for its magnificent water structures. The Nike Kansas City Royals City Connect jersey pays homage to this with a KC graphic on the chest inspired by Kansas City’s historic art deco style, illustrating cascading fountain water. A water fountain also appears above the jock tag, paying homage to the more than 200 water fountains that call Kansas City home.

Additionally, the logo on the sleeve is an homage to the team’s original logo from 1969, while the bands on the sleeve pay tribute to the classic jerseys of the ’70s and ’80s. “HEY HEY HEY HEY” is stitched on the inside of the collar, a nod to Royals’ victory song by Paul McCartney.

The jersey comes in a navy and powder blue color scheme, representative of Kansas City’s deep baseball roots. Navy was worn by the Monarchs, Blues, Bluestockings, Packers, and the Athletics. The Royals themselves are traditionally associated with powder blue, and the color is included to represent the team’s own history and tradition.

The Royals will debut their City Connect uniforms at home on April 30th against the New York Yankees. Other teams that will unveil their own City Connect jerseys later this season include the Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Diego Padres.

The Kansas City Royals Nike City Connect Jersey and accompanying fan gear is available now via the MLB online shop,, and select retailers. Check out the jersey below.