Nike Lebron 13 “Akronite”


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Lebron James has always been proud of his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Even with his days in Miami, you still knew that he represented his town regardless of where he was playing. Nike has tapped into that for the inspiration for Lebron’s latest.

The Nike Lebron James 13 “Akronite” is a lot to take in a first glance. The multi-colored shoe features a graphic print around the entire shoe. The Lebron 13 contains stripes in the colors of green, orange, red, and blue. A black base is provided on the outsole and around the shoe to build a contrast. If you’re looking for a stand out shoe, look no further.
These are listed to release on November 21 at Nike retailers. Is this too much for your taste or just right? Let us know what You think.

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akronite nike lebron 13


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