Nike Air Force 1 “Jewel” Returns in 2012


Probably one of the most forgotten collections in the Air Force 1 series, the “Jewel” Nike Air Force 1 released in the 90’s as one of the “newer” models that till this day, may be hard to come by. In 2012, the Nike Air Force 1 “Jewel” comes back in it’s original form. These Air Force 1’s display a “Jewel” swoosh instead of the regular swoosh seen on most Air Force 1’s. Here we have two new colorways of the Nike Air Force 1 “Jewel”  in Grey and Red that were showcased at a Fall 2012 Nike Sample viewing in Asia. Stay tuned for more 2012 news here on Modern Notoriety. Via Hoopchina



  1. Sheeeeit, I'm not even into Forces that much but Jewels look great….hope they uses some good leather on the GR's and throw us a few premium releases with REAL good materials…..


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