Nike Air Force 1 ID 2010 – Navy – Yellow By Donsneakers


If you didn’t take advantage of the Nike ID Air Force 1 service that launched in December for a little while, chances are that you wont be able to do a custom pair online anytime soon. The Nike ID Air Force 1 was limited to about 350 pairs and this time, The custom options were a lot different from when the Nike ID first launched it’s AF-1 ID. The new options included suede/nubuck uppers, felt or texturized swoosh, clear soles and a mess of other additions we wont be seeing unless we go to mercer 21. Don Sneakers aka Donovan Sneaks Shaw shows us a finalized Nike ID from 2010 that features a varsity felt yellow swoosh, yellow inner,backtab,laces, navy nubuck/suede upper and clear sole. These can pass for a Michigan State or Golden State warriors AF-1. More after the Jump!



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