4 weeks down, 12 to go in the regular season. This week includes some of my personal favorites outfits so far. There’s a wide range of styles that include unique suiting and vintage style tees.

Damarious Randall was CHEESING! Which is good to see after paying up for his losing side of a bet after the Warriors vs. Raptors Finals. The bright blue hair earned him the nickname “Fun Dip” from teammate Sheldon Richardson. The hair isn’t the only highlight though, notably the Kaws tee and bright LV bags bring a pop of color to Randall’s Browns logo sport coat.

Remember the suit Conor McGregor wore to the first press stop for his bout against Floyd Mayweather? Yeah the one that said “Fuck You” in little letters all over. Odell Beckham Jr. hopped onto the flight to Baltimore in a more wholesome rendition of said suit, reading “The Pursuit of Happiness.” OBJ is known for his style both on and off the field, and this week was no exception.

This was an all out send for Broncos Brandon McManus. The iridescent visor the synth-wave shirt unzipped just enough to show off some chest? Topped off with the 80’s moustache it becomes a rael disco fit.

Modern Cowboy. Yee yee enthusiast. Lil Nas X feature? Any of those are possibilities when it comes to Von Miller’s outfit. Jokes asides I do enjoy this outfit. It’s pretty simple but steps out enough that you can enjoy it for what it is, good style.

A black Balmain crewneck is nothing to write home about, but the pants that Dontrelle Inman paired it with are super heat. People underestimate how easy it is to wear patterned pants to elevate a basics outfit but Inman killed it this week.

Melvin Gordon ended his holdout with the Chargers and was suited up for the first time this year. This pic oozes swagger from the flipped visor to the tattered sleeveless shirt. I’m looking forward to having Gordon back in the picture this season.

You thought I was going to just skip over Daniel Jones like he didn’t step into New York and takeover a QB job that was held down by one of the most recognizable names in football? I will do no such thing. It’s not a style guide moment, it’s an appreciation for dressing exactly the way you expect a rookie QB out of Duke to dress. I almost feel bad saying he looks like a student teacher in 4th period calculus but…. I love you Daniel Jones.

The legendary Yeezy Alumni sweatshirt that features Ibn Jasper, Matthew M Williams, Don C, Samuel Ross, and Virgil Abloh among others made an appearance in the Rams locker room and it’s something of an instant classic.

Paul Richardson Jr. pulled on the vintage PSG jersey before the Redskins games Sunday. The 10 is the legendary number at PSG that has been worn by the likes of Ronaldihno,  Ibrahimovich, and currently, Neymar. It’s an inside nod for people in the know about the storied Parisian club.

Jumping off the jet in a snake skin suit is a baller move that few people can actually pull off but AJ Brown manages to do it with ease. The Cubs snap back on top of the Dolce & Gabbana shades keep the energy going Brown’s way.

I love the suit Rodney McLeod wore for the trip to Green Bay. It’s a great color combination and the blocking throughout keeps your eye moving around, which doesn’t let you get stuck to just one piece of the outfit.

Jaire Alexander ran with the rock style tee from Purple and threw it together with a pair of rose tinted glasses, a green bandana tucked into his shirt collar, and an MCM backpack. It’s a good use of color to balance out the black tee.

Packers QB Tim Boyle was feeling it before the Packers matchup. The legendary Schrute Farms hoodie from the Office’s Dwight Schrute is a major plus. Boyle is a prime example of the fleeting shorts and hoodie weather that we all crave so much. Enjoy it while you can Tim, it never lasts as long as we wish it would.