MSCHF, the infamous art collective and design house behind the highly controversial Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes,” is gearing up to make waves with their next apparel release.

Entitled “At All Costs,” the release is a tongue-in-cheek protest against the so-called “brand premium” charged on inexpensive garments by everyone from Gucci to Vlone. The drop consists of tees, sweatshirts, and shorts that are set at variable prices – customers will have the chance to cop a hoodie, for example, at a sticker tag ranging from $0 up to $500, with one garment being available at each dollar level. Crucially, each garment features a large print graphic that displays how much the customer paid – for example, the lucky buyer who snags the collection’s hoodie at $24 will receive a hoodie printed with a large “$24” highlighted on the back for all to see.

On the collection’s website, MSCHF has posted a manifesto revealing the intentions behind the release (which is really more web art than clothing drop). The collective notes:

“Blank white tees exist at every point on a fashion price continuum, and do so with minimal signaling; without the presence of a logo or a design there are no context clues to inform the viewer how much a piece costs.

At All Costs exists in symmetrical opposition to this paradigm. AAC, too, exists at all points on the price continuum, but with an absolute maximum of price-signaling branding: the price is the design and brand of the garment.

Much of the streetwear economy is built on selling essentially the same blanks with different graphics. It is not a secret that brands like Anti Social Social Club, Vlone, Fear of God, Life of Pablo (and more!) have all trafficked in the same Gildan blanks.

Does an image of 2 rabbits fucking [referring to an ASSC x FR2 hoodie] really add 9x (20x resale) the value?

You get what you pay for.

So wear your heart on one sleeve and your wallet on the other.”

The MSCHF “At All Costs” collection goes live on June 14th at 10am CDT on, so those looking to purchase should ready their wallets (for all to see). Check out some of the lookbook images below and download the MSCHF app to stay up to date with all MSCHF drops.