Modelo unveils the next installment of its Fighting Spirit Collections, a streetwear collaboration series highlighting brands and designers from Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Chicago, and Miami. Following the launch of series with LA’s 424, the next drop is in partnership with LVMH 2021 Karl Lagerfeld award winner Colm Dillane and his brand KidSuper.

The second-of-five Modelo collabs comes inspired by underground soccer, the local hip-hop community in New York City, and Colm Dillane’s own fighting spirit. The limited-edition release uses each passion as a theme, showcasing the very motivations that pulse through the brand. Featured in the collection are a branded soccer jersey set, colorblocked velvet track suit, and duffle bag.

“What excited me most about designing the KidSuper x Modelo Fighting Spirit collection was the unique opportunity to channel my primary profession in a way that serves my true love of soccer, and to showcase what the fighting spirit means to me,” said Dillane.

To celebrate the release, a Modelo Fighting Spirit 4 vs 4 soccer tournament is set to take place next month. Players will include Charlie Davis, Valeriu Gutu, Sara Walsh, Ethan White, Mike Labelle, Florencia Galarza, Dee & Ricky, and Greg Yuna.

“Many people have come to know me and KidSuper Studios through innovative works in the streetwear space, but what they may not know is that I am an ex-professional footballer, whose love of the game still runs very deep. So deep, in fact, that I am exploring the development of a new KidSuper soccer complex based in New York City in the near future,” Dillane explains.

Still to come in the Fighting Spirits Collections series are collaborations with Centre, RSVP Gallery, and UNKNWN. You can enter to win the KIDSUPER capsule collection starting Friday, October 8th at 10AM ET on the Modelo Fighting Spirit Collections website.