In 3 days time the OG Jordan Retro of 2019 drops… the Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’ or black/red. It’s been 20 years since we’ve last seen the ‘Breds’ in true OG fashion with Nike Air branding, and the wait built stupid levels of hype leading to this weekend’s worldwide release.

Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’ OG and 2019 Retro

Originally released in 1989, the Air Jordan 4 instantly peaked the imaginations of basketball fans everywhere. Michael Mania was real AF. Four colorways made up the shoe’s OG roster: ‘Fire Red’, ‘White Cement’, ‘Military Blue’ and ‘Bred’

Each pair was transcendently hot, but one pair ruled above all – the ‘Breds’ (some would say ‘White Cements are the best but that’s debatable).

From a design aspect the 4s carried over some flavors from the Air Jordan 3 while infusing newer elements. Both pairs featured similar toe box overlays, heel tabs and tooling (midsole + outsole) but that’s where the likenesses end. Nike loaded more Air Max tech into the 4’s midsole, add plastic lockdown “wings” and breathable mesh-backed cutouts. The wings and cutouts are distant relatives of future Nike technologies in the form of Flywire and Hyperfuse.

Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’ OG (1989)

Technology, dope… but tech doesn’t make a classic. Many elements combine to create ageless footwear and the ‘Bred’ Air Jordan 4 hits every mark. In today’s installment of MN Throwback we’re going to breakdown everything that makes the ‘Breds’ special!

Air Jordan 4 Retro OG ‘Bred’

Air Jordan 4 Retro OG ‘Bred’

Jordan’s 1989 campaign brought the ruckus from the jump has he systematically dismantled opponents night after night. From a statical standpoint Michael’s fourth season was elite on both sides of the ball. The young Bull lead the league in scoring (32.5 PPG) and made First Team All-Defense all while lacing up the Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’.

Stat stuffing regular season – check.

Michael Jordan driving to the hoop wearing the Air Jordan 4 OG ‘Bred’

Many Old Heads remember the ‘Bred’ Air Jordan 4s from Michael’s appearance in the 1989 NBA All-Star game. The shoes were so clean with the Eastern Conference jerseys. The Black Cat lead all scorers with 28 points in a losing effort, but anyone watching the name walked away with the Air Jordan 4 burnt into their brains and that was a big win for Nike.

Flashy moment showcasing the footwork – check.

Michael Jordan in the 1989 NBA All-Star Game with the ‘Breds’ on-foot

In the Playoffs that year the budding Bulls were one of the most fun teams to watch, but they were incapable of sniffing the NBA Finals. Eastern Conference Goliaths in Boston and Detroit smothered Jordan with tremendous defense lead by savvy veterans.

Michael Jordan defending Isiah Thomas in the Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’

The Pistons, for example, implemented the “Jordan Rules” which sought to counter Mike’s every move with double teams, fouls and everything in-between. Even though Mike lost to Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Finals, but he walked away from the Playoffs with one of the most iconic shots in league history.

Michael Jordan celebrating after hitting The Shot

In the First Round the Bulls matched up with the Cleveland Cavilers and set the stage for The Shot. During Game 5 Chicago trailed Cleveland by one point with seconds left on the clock. The series would end right then and there if Chicago could find a buzzer-beating bucket. Mike caught the inbounds pass, dribbled hard left and pulled up from the free-throw line…

Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo played Jordan tight but it didn’t matter… Game. Blouses.

 Anyone who’s watched the NBA during the Playoffs has seen this legendary shot (because it’s shown like clockwork) and it simply doesn’t age.

One of many career defining moment – check.

When you mix phenomenal stats, career defining moments and great footwear design together you get a shoe that never ages, and the Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’ is surely one of those timeless sneakers. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of history on May 4, 2019 for $200.