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The Notoriety team was given the opportunity via Finishline to interview two of the current powerhouses for the Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. We caught up with them on their personal style and some of their favorite kicks on court which you can catch up on with the full interview down below. Thanks again to Finishline for this opportunity.


MN- “Let’s talk about your guys’ style away from the court. Let’s talk about your gear. You’re rocking the Top Ten, the Boost, talk about your style.”


Taj- “I wear a lot of Top Ten, I like the old school retro stuff. I just like being comfortable, really. I like wearing a lot of jogging suits. But knowing how the NBA is so strict. Just casual stuff, shell tops, the usual, but more so Top Tens.”


“But I try to be different because I don’t want Jimmy copying what I’m wearing. I don’t want certain guys copying what I’m wearing. So, I gotta come in. But every time I come into the locker room, Joakim hating on me, though.


Joakim- “I keep guys on edge. That’s what I do. Like in the locker room. Just making sure, ya know. Sometimes he’s gonna wear some crazy outfit. You know how guys in the NBA get. These young guys getting a lot of money, ya know. So, I gotta keep these guys on edge. They think they can just do whatever they want.”


“But for me. Just like Taj said, man. It’s all about the comfort. A lot of my teammates hating on me, ya know, and the way I dress. But I don’t care. It’s all about the comfort. And for me… I’m not just saying this because I’m with adidas. But… the Boost. The Boost, man. I think it’s going to change everything. I’ve been wearing these for a year now. And I mean, I can’t believe how good my feet feel. My feet feel so good. I think it’s the future of everything. When people are going to know about these Boost, I think it’s going to be the best thing for shoes, man. It’s just, every time you put your foot down, it’s just… it’s love. It’s love! So, I’m a big boost guy.”


MN- “What is your favorite shoe to play in on the court right now? What do you like about it so much?”


Taj- “I switch up, but I like wearing Derrick’s shoe. I like the new D Roses. I like wearing the new D Roses. I gotta support my teammate. Just because he’s down. I like wearing his shoe most of the time. And that’s going to be my shoe. I’ve been wearing those since he first got his own shoe and I wear his shoe.”


[Background conversation]


Taj- “The shoe I wear right now is the Crazy Fast 2. I got a lot of them in my locker, actually. I like them because they have a lot of different colors. They help me with my jumping abilities. They’re real light on my feet. But come playoff time, [background conversation] I’m going to wear the Rose 4.5. Just gotta represent my boy. Ever since he got his own shoe, I’ve been supporting him ever since day one. Might as well wear them since he’s going to have those exclusive colors for us. I’m just gonna support my boy.”


Joakim- “Me? I’m just happy to finally have a shoe that I love. I feel so light on my feet with them. I love the Ghost. I’ve been wearing the Ghost all year. And there’s no way I’m changing for playoffs. I’m not a guy who changes shoes too much. I mean, I change the actual shoe but I stay with the same model. So Ghost and then as soon as the game’s over I’m going right back in my Boost, baby!”


Photos via DillonK

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