Sports manufacturer Mizuno and Bandai have teamed up on the release of Dragon Ball Z themed baseball gear. The collection includes four character themed gloves, Vegeta-themed catcher’s gear, and a set of baseballs dressed to look like the seven Dragon Balls.

The gloves come in four colorways, each one with details attributed to their corresponding characters. The orange Goku glove has hidden “Son Goku” embroidery and features a “Kame” (turtle) kanji on the web between the thumb and index finger. The green Piccolo glove features the “Ma” (demon) kanji, while the Frieza glove has an embroidered “53” on it. The green and yellow glove corresponds to the dragon Shenron and features the kanji for “dragon” on it.

Aside from the gloves, the collection includes a two-piece catcher’s gear set dressed in the colors of the Vegeta’s battle armor. The seven Dragon Balls can be bought as a set, which when arranged together in their cases create the image of Shenlong. The four star Dragon Ball is also available to purchase separately.

Take a look at the Mizuno x Bandai Dragon Ball Z baseball equipment below, which is currently available for pre-order on the Bandai Fashion Collection website.