The Pokémon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and they’ll be doing it big with special events and product releases throughout 2021. With collaborations with The North Face x Gucci and Casio’s G-Shock already under their belt, The Pokémon Company is now teaming up with another fashion brand, Levi’s, for the ongoing celebration.

The upcoming Pokémon x Levi’s apparel collection features a wide assortment of pieces ranging from denim jackets and pants to tees, crewnecks, hats, and beanies. The star of the collection may be the all-over print denim trucker jacket and 551 Z jeans, covered in green shrubbery and a mix of the 150 original Pokémon. If you want something a little more subtle, a light blue Pikachu-themed denim jacket and pant is also available.

Fans of Misty can purchase a cropped, sleeveless yellow top with a Togepi on it, which can be paired with denim shorts and red suspenders to match the character’s outfit in the anime. Other pieces include tees with Pikachu resting on top of the Levi’s logo, a hat inspired by the one worn by Ash Ketchum, and a yellow beanie with Pikachu ears.

The Pokémon x Levi’s collection will be available starting February 15th via, the Levi app, and select retailers. Grab an early look at the collection below.