KENZO Launches Fall/Winter 2022 Collection by NIGO


After dropping four teaser capsules throughout Spring/Summer 2022, KENZO has now launched the first drop of its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the first full seasonal collection created with NIGO as creative director.

For this drop, NIGO recontextualizes Kenzo Takada’s iconic Poppy Print on a series of “real-to-wear” silhouettes, as seen during the KENZO FW22 runway show in January. This heritage element is seen through NIGO’s contemporary lens, looking to the future by learning from the past. Pieces include emblazoned button-ups, tees, skirts, sweatshirts, hats, boots, and more.

The release is accompanied by a visual creative story that showcases the products against an Eiffel Tower backdrop. A total of six creative stories will be released, each revealing subsequent pieces and highlighting the current events of the Maison throughout the season. The first three stories of FW22 were shot by British photographer Thurstan Redding at iconic Parisian locations.

The first drop from the KENZO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection by NIGO is available now on the KENZO website and at select retailers.


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