Heron Preston has teamed up with Brooklyn-based Zellerfeld Shoe Company to introduce the HERON01, the first fully 3D printed shoe available to the global public.

The HERON01 features a slip-on design and is crafted from a single fully-recyclable material with no seams, stitching, or glue. This allows for a ‘closed loop’ cycle where the shoe can be worn, traded in, reprinted, and then updated to a newer version in the future. The structure of the HERON01 is inspired by an actual heron bird, and the scaly texture is designed to mimic the scales on heron claws. The shoe can be printed in standard sizes or be custom-fitted by using an iPhone to scan one’s feet for a perfect fit.

The HERON01 Version 0.8 Beta will be available tomorrow, October 5th via the StockX “Campaign for a Cause” charity raffle. A $10 USD donation is required to enter, with proceeds going towards Global March, a charity fighting child labor in supply chains. A limited beta release on the Zellerfeld website is slated for Monday, October 11th at 3pm ET.