Microsoft first announced Halo Infinite at last year’s E3. This year, we’re gifted with a closer look at the game with a trailer and a release date. The new Halo game, which is the 6th major game in the franchise, will release during next year’s holiday season alongside the next generation Xbox console.

The trailer shows us a stranded UNSC soldier, bringing Master Chief out of his survival mode after finding him floating in the void of space. The soldier informs Master Chief of their loss after battling an unknown enemy.

Head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, said that this will be a “spiritual reboot” of the Halo series, allowing players who have never played a game in the franchise before to jump right into the storyline with brand new characters.

The trailer ends with Cortana’s voice saying “I chose you because you were special. I knew we would be perfect together, and I was right.” What could she possibly mean? Stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for additional details.