Japan’s Nijigen no Mori Park, located on Awaji Island, has officially unveiled a Godzilla theme park expansion that sees visitors ziplining straight into the throat of a half-buried, life-size version of the beast itself.

The incarnation of Godzilla seen in the park seems to be based on 2016’s Shin Godzilla, a film that presents the behemoth in multiple stages of evolution. The zipline into its mouth also serves as a point of entry for the greater Godzilla/Kaiju area of the park, which also includes a Kaiju movie and culture museum, a shooting gallery attraction, and themed snacks and merchandise for Kaiju fans.

The expansion is set to officially open to the public this Saturday, October 10th. Admission prices start at ¥3,800 JPY for adult guests, ¥2,200 JPY for children under 11 years of age, and ¥800 for those under 7 years of age (around $35, $20, and $7 USD, respectively). You can check out photos of the attraction and some of its snack offerings down below. The park’s official website offers full details on the park’s amenities and admission details.