Dress Like Future Trunks with Premium Bandai Collection


Dragon Ball was arguably ahead of its time with their character’s outfit designs. From Android 17 and 18 to Bulma’s classic fits, the creators were definitely conscious of the fashion world. One of the most iconic fits of the series, seen in Dragon Ball Z, is that of Future Trunks.

Thanks to a new collection from Premium Bandai, you can now cop the fit worn by Future Trunks in the character’s arc of Dragon Ball Z. The collection includes a cropped denim jacket with Capsule Corp branding (along with full-length versions), tapered pants, two Capsule Corp tees, and a Capsule Corp tote bag to securely carry your Dragon Balls. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring to life the velcro boots for the completed look, but we can dream.

The Future Trunks collection is available for preorder now on Premium Bandai’s webstore with delivery dates scheduled for January 2020. Take a look at the collection below.


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