diadora titan ll %22spaghetti western%22_05

Diadora may have roots in Italy but the brand has reached out to Extra Butter to present a shoe, that pays homage to good ol’ American Western Films directed by famous Italian film directors.

Retailer Extra Butter and Diadora took a trip down cinema history for the latest inspiration on the Diadora Titan ll. Diadora is giving you a chance to feel like Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson, with the new western iteration of the shoe. Extra Butter took the outfits of spaghetti western into consideration and crafted the motif for the Diadora Titan ll. The shoe has sandy brown tones, saddle leather, chambray, goatskin leather and shearling. The toes of the shoe are even woven with a southwestern poncho material.

These highly detailed sneakers will be dropping via Extra Butter’s online shop on January 2 and followed with an in-store release the following day. What’s your thoughts on this collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

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