Emotionally Unavailable, the streetwear label founded by Kybum Lee (better know as KB) and Edison Chen, has teamed up with Netflix to release an official collaboration based on the hit series Squid Game.

Emotionally Unavailable enlisted Ben Baller to star in the collection’s campaign, off the strength of the meme that he kind of resembles the show’s main protagonist Seong Gi-Hun (Player 456), played by actor Lee Jung-jae. The collection consists of long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees as well as hats, each adorned with graphics that combine EU’s melting heart motif and elements from the show. This includes the circle, triangle, star, and umbrella shapes from the honeycomb game, seen on a couple of the designs, as well as the killer doll from Red Light, Green Light on the back of the orange long-sleeve.

The Emotionally Unavailable x Netflix Squid Game collection drops this Thursday, October 21st at 11am CT on Netflix.shop.