Cynthia Lu’s Cactus Plant Flea Market is gearing up to release its fourth “Japan Made” seasonal collection, available exclusively through CPFM and NIGO’s HUMAN MADE.

The collection carries over many of the themes from Season 3, though the pieces are undeniably fit for the incoming warm weather. Tops like the Motocross Jersey, jacquard shirt, and “Sunseeker Tee” all radiate CPFM’s playful and optimistic energy. The first of these pieces uses an inky print over a white and red mesh, while the jacquard shirt blows up the phrase “CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET” and reassembles it into a sweater-like pattern. The Sunseeker tee uses soft blue print and reconstructed paneling, spelling out “WARM UP NOW” and “SUN POWER” on the extended front and back hems.

Arguably the most playful piece of the collection is the Uniform Vest, which transforms an otherwise formal-patterned mustard yellow vest into a lighthearted piece that would be at home in a real flower shop. Scrawled graphics, an om symbol, and “Hi! May I Help U” text adorn the front, while the back sports a wide dandelion, Arabic-styled CPFM branding, and large GARDENING CLUB text.

The collection is rounded out by a custom rug featuring CPFM’s “Buddy” character, fuzzy belted shorts, a set of “Wednesday” boxer-briefs, and more odds and ends. The CPFM “Japan Made” Season 4 collection will release via the HUMAN MADE website on April 18th at 11am JST and via the CPFM webstore. You can preview the collection down below.